Cathie Mahon

National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions

Cathie Mahon is the President\CEO of the National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions.  The Federation has a 40 year history bringing safe and affordable financial products and services to underserved and untapped markets in the US through community-owned and controlled credit unions.

Ms. Mahon is former Deputy Commissioner for Financial Empowerment at NYC Department of Consumer Affairs, where she led the Office of Financial Empowerment.  The Office was launched by former Mayor Bloomberg as the first municipal office of its kind in the nation to educate, empower and protect low-income residents in the financial services marketplace.  

Ms. Mahon was a founding director of the Asset Funders Network, a network of grant makers dedicated to helping individuals and families with low incomes build assets. She has worked as a consultant for numerous community development financial institutions, microfinance institutions and high-profile policy and research organizations such as the Aspen Institute, as well as grassroots community organizations and government agencies in the US and abroad.  She has been involved with credit unions and community development financial institutions for more than 20 years.